Circular Economy of Food Accelerator


Wesley Wilson

Head of Agriculture, Food & Beverage

World Economic Forum

Circular Economy of Food Accelerator

Head of Agriculture, Food and Beverage at the World Economic Forum. Responsible for agriculture, food, and beverage community and programs, with initiatives on nutrition, food circularity, food and health, packaging circularity, bio-innovation, and connecting consumers to action on climate change. Expertise in public-private partnerships, frontier markets, supply chains, economic growth, and governance.  Translates complex issues into practical strategy and actionable initiatives. Previously: Built strategy and partnerships to grow social and environmental compliance across Walmart’s global supply chain, and developed first comprehensive responsibility strategy for Walmart’s $135 billion international retail unit. Served as Senior Policy Advisor to two heads of agency at the U.S. Agency for International Development; and developed an advisory board for the Board of Directors at Mars, Incorporated.  Worked to start-up a partnership-focused U.S. Government international development entity – the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and strengthened domestic and international policy for NASA. Served as a founder, corporate officer and board member for various multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives on human rights and environmental issues.